Save every last drop of your expensive shampoos, soaps, lotions and other liquids.

Why bottle Ninja?

Pays for itself quickly

Bottle Ninja pays for itself in just a few uses!  Stop throwing away money when you toss your unused shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and liquid soaps.

Easy to use

A comfortable grip makes your Bottle Ninja easy to use!  And a tight fit means no messy product leaks while you are using it.

Better for the Earth

Using every bit of your product means less wasted energy that made that product and less waste in landfills.

Get rid of clutter

No more knocking over the upside-down bottle clutter in your shower!  Easily combine your unused product with the new product and throw the old bottle away.

bottle ninja backstory

"Stop the shower clutter madness!"
Well, my wife was a hair stylist, so we had a small warehouse worth of shampoo products in our shower at all times.   There was almost enough room to actually take a shower, in between all those products. 
But we don’t waste products at the Bottle Ninja family house!  So half of the bottles spent a decent chunk of their existence upside down, so we could get every last drop of goodness out of them.  But upside-down bottles are sooo easy to knock over.  Grrr
I honestly just got completely sick and tired of knocking over three or four bottles every time I stepped into the shower.  And I wanted more floor space in there.  So what could I do?  Invent the Bottle Ninja!
— Aaron Freeman

Money back guarantee

Pays for itself quickly

Customers are the core of our mission

Top seller

You're best bet is to start with the base set. This set includes three different sized Bottle Ninja's that meet 90% of the products you encounter on a daily basis.

What people are saying

Freakin love it!

Jason, Kansas

I was surprised (pleasantly) how much drained.

Brenda, Arizona

In action again! Can't live without it.

Scott, Kansas

It's so easy to use!

Sonja, Missouri

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