About Bottle Ninja

Bottle Ninja's Mission

At Bottle Ninja, we’re on a mission to change how you use household liquids. We make every drop count, saving you money, reducing waste, and simplifying your life.

We’re all about:

  1. Less Waste: Stop tossing partially-full bottles.

  2. More Savings: Use every last drop and save money.

  3. Simplicity: Easy liquid transfers, no more struggling.

  4. Quality and Style: Top-notch, durable, and practical.

  5. Eco-Friendly: As environmental stewards, let’s do our best.

  6. Your Satisfaction: We listen and improve for you.

Join us as we move towards a more convenient and improved way of living, one bottle and one drop at a time.

Meet the Bottle Ninja Team

Aaron Freeman


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Larissa Freeman


AJ Freeman


Bottle Ninja Guarantee

We stand behind our product and our customers. If Bottle Ninja is not right for your family, we have a 30-day money back guarantee.