Bottle Ninja

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About Bottle Ninja

Bottle Ninja's Mission

Step into the enchanting world of Bottle Ninja, where the quest to salvage every drop from bottles is nothing short of legendary!  Our noble mission, etched in the scrolls of destiny, is to save every ounce of awesomeness from bottles, no matter how towering or tiny.  With the grace of a master and the heart of a warrior, we vow to leave no lotion, potion, or elixir behind!

Join our journey, young seeker, and embrace the Bottle Ninja path – where every bottle becomes a sacred battleground, and each squeeze channels the wisdom of the ages.

Meet the Bottle Ninja Team

Aaron Freeman


Larissa Freeman


AJ Freeman


Bottle Ninja Guarantee

We stand behind our product and our customers. If Bottle Ninja is not right for your family, we have a 30-day money back guarantee.